Rushlake Green is home to the Warbleton Brass Band Just a stone's throw from Heathfield in the heart of Warbleton Parish in East Sussex.

The band perform a wide variety of music from the traditional through to present day favourites. Whether it be from a musical, film, classical and light popular, the band aim to entertain wherever they play. Warbleton Brass Band has evolved into a modern forward thinking brass band, attracting members from all ages and abilities, but still ensuring they keep some of that wonderful traditional feel with smart uniform, regular events and of course supporting the local community. Even if you have little or no experience of playing a brass instrument, you are welcome to join our successful training band where instruments and tuition are provided for free.  All we ask in return is a bit of home practice and the desire to eventually be part of the main band.  We are always looking for new players to join us and become part of the band's bright future. Meeting every Friday at 7.45pm in Dunn Village Hall, Rushlake Green,TN21 9QE. Come along for a listen and see what you think or alternatively contact our Secretary for more details about this popular hardworking, but fun brass band.


The last Saturday and Sunday in July is always reserved for Rushlake Green, The Flower Show on the Saturday and our very own Proms Concert Sunday Evening. This year we enjoyed good weather for both although Sundays forecast was a bit unpredictable. This meant Martin and Sian had the difficult call whether to move the concert into the Marquee? With clouds in the sky and a chance of rain it was decided to move inside. A disadvantage of being inside was its capacity but the audience were happy to set up their picnics outside when the marquee was full and with some side panels opened everybody enjoyed the music. With the Horse and Groom open again the band retired for a well earned drink. Make sure you put the last Sunday in July 2023 in your diary for next years proms on the Green.

Rushlake Green Flower Show 30-7-22 (17)
Proms on the Green 31-7-22 (24)
Proms on the Green 31-7-22 (8)
Proms on the Green 31-7-22 (45)
Proms on the Green 31-7-22 (29)
Rushlake Green Flower Show 30-7-22 (72)
Rushlake Green Flower Show 30-7-22 (108)
Rushlake Green Flower Show 30-7-22 (106)
Rushlake Green Flower Show 30-7-22 (84)

We are sad to announce that Frederick Rowley, one of our members, has sadly passed away after a short illness. Fred originally joined the band on baritone but later decided to give cornet a go. He took to it well and helped boost the back row. During lockdown Fred continued to practice and regularly sent recordings of his playing to our MD to show his progress. He had a lovely sense of humour and will be missed by all. The band send their sincere condolences to Fred’s family.

Did you used to play a brass instrument? Have you always wanted to play? Or maybe you know a friend or family member that wants to learn?

 If you can answer yes to any of these questions you should consider checking out what the Warbleton Brass Band can offer you. It's not just for the young, there's no age limit, you are never too old to learn.!! We are one of the most entertaining brass bands in the area and you could be a part of that.

Everyone knows the first step is always the hardest so why not ask a friend to come along with you or just give Sian a ring and have a chat about any anxieties you may have. You seriously wont regret learning a lifelong skill that will impress all your friends and family.


Our B band meets every Friday at 7pm and is suitable for those that have never played a note or those that want to get back into playing. There is a part for everyone. Instruments and tuition are provided free so there is no obstacle to taking those first steps.

Apart from the sense of achievement, here are a few other advantages of learning to play a musical instrument. 

Some good reasons to learn