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Rushlake Green is home to the Warbleton Brass Band Just a stone's throw from Heathfield in the heart of Warbleton Parish in East Sussex.

The band perform a wide variety of music from the traditional through to present day favourites. Whether it be from a musical, film, classical and light popular, the band aim to entertain wherever they play. Warbleton Brass Band has evolved into a modern forward thinking brass band, attracting members from all ages and abilities, but still ensuring they keep some of that wonderful traditional feel with smart uniform, regular events and of course supporting the local community.Even if you have little or no experience of playing a brass instrument, you are welcome to join our successful training band where instruments and tuition are provided for free.  All we ask in return is a bit of home practice and the desire to eventuallybe part of the main band.  We are always looking for new players to join us and become part of the band's bright future. Meeting every Friday at 7.45pm in Dunn Village Hall, Rushlake Green,TN21 9QE. Come along for a listen and see what you think or alternatively contact our Secretary for more details about this popular hardworking, but fun brass band.


Sadly our light at the end of the tunnel just became a little dimmer. With the announcement of England going into a new lockdown at 00.01 on the 5th November the Dunn Village Hall closed its doors again. With the restrictions being put in place the band will not be able to meet even in small groups outside. This all seems a bit like déjà vu? We will now have to wait until 2nd December to find out how the restrictions will be lifted. Let's hope we can at least revert back to the guidelines being followed prior to the latest lockdown. To give everyone the opportunity to stay in touch the band will be back on zoom on Friday evenings testing their knowledge with a band quiz. Fingers crossed for Christmas.      



We have now settled into our new banding routine, alternating weeks with our Stone house and Marklye groups. It's not ideal but unfortunately it's a necessary constraint of the times we are living in at the moment. I'm sure we are all looking forward to when we will all be back together. Of course there will be rivalry between the groups and we hope that when we are all together again Stone House will want to sit next to Marklye or vice versa? There may be one way, consolidate the names? Perhaps the "Eleanore musky tosh Group"?



A bands eye view

2nd October 2020 saw us back in the Dunn Hall for the first time since March.It's great to be back playing indoors after such a long time. There were 14 players in our Stonehouse group. Martin and Sian arrived early to make sure the hall was marked out for social distancing. All players brought their own stand and cleaning equipment. All personal items including cases and coats were to remain within each designated area. Temperatures  checked on arrival and hands sanitised. All cornets and trombones to have cloth covers over their bells. Finally, face masks had be worn when not playing. After practice all surfaces were thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. A lot of extra effort but worth it to get our band back together again, albeit in two halves. Looking forward to the first rehearsal with Markle group next Friday...........BUT, it's been a long and strange journey to get here!!

It started with an Email reluctantly sent to everyone on the 13th March 2020 saying:

"Just to let you know we have cancelled tonight’s rehearsal in light of the current situation. We have quite a few vulnerable people either in or connected to the band so we don’t want to run the risk of anything being passed on. Our ‘closeness’ is lovely most of the time but doesn’t suit the requirements at the moment. Keep an eye out for weekly updates.

Take care everyone and keep practicing!!


In the 7 months that followed, the band endured a rollercoaster ride of lockdowns, ever changing rules, regulations and guidelines. At times it felt like the rules were changing daily. Bands across the country closed down, some permanently. We were so fortunate to have Sian our Musical Director and Martin our Principle Cornet who together with our committee, decided our band would flourish despite all the barriers it was facing.

It wasn't long before there was a new buzz word, ZOOM. Zoom allowed our band to stay in touch as a group. Every Friday instead of our rehearsal we would all meet on Zoom for a quiz and a natter.

The beginning of June saw an easing of the lockdown so we were able to meet in person to play, but only in groups of 6 and outside. Having a member with a farm we were able to comply with the strict guidelines. Some of our members remained self isolating so were unable to join our groups on the farm. We continued our Friday zoom meeting to ensure all our members felt they were still part of our band. By October the guidelines allowed for us to play again

as a full band indoors and outdoors, but, and there's always a but, strict social distancing meant it would not be possible for everyone to fit in the Dunn Hall. Sian took a bold step to divide our band into two. There would be 15 members in each group. Marklye Group and Stone House Group. Both are named after local Rushlake Green estates. We had our first Stone House practice on Friday 2nd October and look forward to Marklye practicing on the 9th. It was lovely to see the return of 2 members who had been self isolating since March. It must be stressed that the safety of our members will always come first and that is

why it is so important to comply with the strict cleaning and social distancing protocols that are in place. This unfortunately includes arriving and leaving the premises.

We are hoping for each group to make a recording of festive tunes nearer Christmas. These will be posted on our website and Facebook page.

Provided restrictions don't change there is a chance some small groups will be out and about near Christmas playing festive music. 

We must say a big thank you to Sian and Martin, it's because of their dedication and hard work the band remained positive and active throughout some very difficult times.

Click here to read about the full journey.

Due to covid-19 we have been forced to close our doors until further notice. Please check back here or our Facebook page for any updates.

Every Friday is an open rehearsal when anyone is more than welcome to come along to listen or indeed think about joining.

Did you use to play many years ago? Always fancied having a go on a brass instrument? Want a hobby for your children,

or Just decided to take up a challenge?

Then why not join a friendlycommunity band.

Want a hobby for your children? Just decided to take up a challenge?  We have instruments, tuition, uniforms and music, all you need is the enthusiasm to give it a go, what have you got to lose? It's all free of charge and our training band is taught by our MD who is a professional music teacher.  Come along at 7pm to chat with the MD or speak to a committee member, perhaps arrange to try an instrument. 7.15pm is the training band, come and listen to how we encourage players of all ages and standards to improve and play as an ensemble. The main band is at 7.45pm, we then let the training band members sit in for the first 15 minutes to get a feel for the big  band and to play alongside more experienced players.  8pm we knuckle down with some hard work, a few laughs, maybe even a few groans but most of all we have nearly two hours of music making with friends.  What could be better?