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26th August

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27th, 28th and 29th July 2019

It has been a busy weekend for the band with two engagements and the memorial service for our President Judith.

Saturday was the annual Rushlake Green Flower Show. After a wet morning we were fortunate to enjoy a dry but overcast afternoon. The band is always an important part of this event. Sunday evening was our Proms on the Green. Our Musical Director was on site early to assess the weather. Are we going to be inside or out? A difficult call to make as once the decision is made and the band have set up it would be difficult to move. So after Sian had taken many metrological readings, she felt the risk of the band's music disappearing in the wind and the associated problems that would follow was too high. Therefore with great regret we played in the Marquee. We were joined this year by the Southdown Singers, a choir we have formed a close association over the years. The choirs contribution was appreciated by both the band and the audience. Make sure you all put the 26th July 2020 at 6pm in your diary for next year's Proms on the Green.

Monday was the memorial service for our much loved President who sadly lost her fight with cancer. Judith was the life and soul of many of our concerts and was a very hands on President. We were honoured to play at the service, concluding with a very emotional rendition of Sussex by the Sea. 

Rushlake Green Big Lunch 2nd June 2019
We couldn't have wished for better weather for the 6th annual Rushlake Green Big Lunch. Although we played some traditional summer favourites such as Strawberry Fair and the Floral Dance we started with the upbeat Brassed up Funk and finished with Glen Millers American Patrol. We also played The Happy Bandleader but many noticed our very own happy bandleader Sian was missing from the front of the band. She was there, instead of where's Wally it was where's Sian? You would have had to ventured round the back of the band to find her. She traded her little baton for an Eb Bass, and apparently she did very well back there. As a word of caution the back of the band is not for the faint hearted!!!

Our very own Angel in Blue received a highly commended award for her outstanding performance entertaining her fellow scarecrows outside the Horse and Groom Public House.

Eastbourne Bandstand 12th May 2019

The Band made its annual trip to the seaside to play on the Eastbourne Bandstand. It's always a pleasure to play in these beautiful surroundings. The band gave and entertaining and well received performance to a very appreciative and large audience who were able to enjoy the lovely atmosphere as well as the music. As usual we played various styles of music from the traditional to the present day popular music, including favourites from stage and screen.

Warbleton Brass Band Spring Concert 5th May 2019

Warbleton Brass Band would like to thank everyone who attended our Spring Concert and for such warm and appreciative support. This is an annual concert and just one of the many that are given by the band during the course of the year. A big thank you to everyone who dug deep and gave so generously to the retiring collection. We have always believed that as a community band our local concerts should be free. By having a retiring collection we allow the audience to give as little or as much as they are able. We are fortunate to have a B band that incorporates all ages and abilities with the more advanced helping those that are just embarking on their musical journey. The B band performed a selection of Beatles classics to show how well they have progressed as a group.

West Hoathly Church Concert

28th April 2019

St Margaret's Church in West Hoathly was the venue for our first concert of the year. This beautiful 15th century church provided fantastic acoustics for such a wide range of musical genres. Anyone's expectations that the music would be subdued and behind the times was soon dispelled with the sound of ABBA's greatest hits, Elton John and even AC/DC. It wasn't all rock and pop as the program also included popular music from Les Miserable and Schindlers List. We finished with the Sussex anthem to remind everyone that Sussex was once a united County and is of the sea.

The band would like to wish everyone a happy and successful 2019.
Warbleton Brass Band has enjoyed a busy 2018 with 24 public and 3 private engagements. The band prides itself on the money it donates to worthy charities throughout the year and wish to thank everyone who supported the band to make 2018 a great success. We hope to see you all in 2019.
2018 has also seen the training band grow significantly with many now regularly playing in the main band and hope this progression will continue into 2019. January is a perfect time for any budding musicians to take the first step to learning a lifelong skill. We welcome everybody regardless of ability, even if you have never played before. We are fortunate to have a professional music teacher to guide you through the learning process, with the help of experienced musicians and the loan of an instrument we will show you that with practice and determination you will soon be playing with confidence.
We offer this experience free of charge.
you can either ring Sian on 01273 493469 or message through our contact page.